Wednesday, October 5, 2016


To have a healthy economy and a consistent tax base, a city needs respected companies to site within its borders, hiring and paying employees whose spending boosts the local economy. To do this, companies of course must expect reasonable policies, equal application of those policies, and affordable taxes. 

Leave it to the City of Los Angeles to overcharge marquee businesses whose names are valuable brands in validating LA as an important business center.

Marriott Hotels was overcharged nearly $900,000 in taxes, not counting interest, last year. The hotel chain, apart from itself being a major employer whose employees pay rents and mortgages in this high housing market, and make retail, restaurant, and gas station purchases to further fill city coffers, houses visitors to the city, who make the same purchases to boost retail receipts. 

Marriott filed a claim in November of last year and was only just approved for a refund on its transient occupancy tax, a percentage tax applied to the nightly room rate, on Sept. 27.

Tom's Shoes, which practices sustainable manufacturing and allows the environment- and labor-conscious to express their values with a "dollar vote", and keeps its headquarters in Del Rey just off north of Jefferson Blvd., was overcharged $221, 374.10 for the city's standard Business Tax, not counting interest. Tom's, too, had its refund approved Sept. 27. 

City documents did not reveal a deadline for the refunds.

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