This list is a work in progress, and not formatted exactly as I'd like because of the limitations of Blogger. I will continue to add to existing categories, and also share resources for Blogger, Wordpress, filing FOI and PRA requests, links to individual journalists whose own sites maintain valuable resources, and legal research. 

If you have resources you'd like to share, please be in touch.


DrupalCamp LA 2015

This is the annual conference, which was held in August in Irvine. As of September 2015, all the recorded sessions are still available for free. There is training for everyone from beginner to advanced, including creating a site from scratch with absolutely no Drupal knowledge. In the session information is each speaker's email address.

Narrative conferences and workshops throughout 2016, listed by the Nieman Foundation, are here



Articles, tip sheets, and presentations

Reading economic data releases from the government
By Chris Roush for Journalist's Resource

Data journalism: Download, analyze, visualize
By Jeff South on his own site at Virginia Commonwealth University
Jeff's site contains a wealth of tools, including some for computer-assisted reporting out of China.

Strategic Searching - Tips and Tricks
By Paul Bradshaw for the European Journalism Centre - Vimeo tutorial focused on Google

Websites and databases

Government databases and public records

Automotive safety, recalls, and investigations

Automotive industry and trade

Aviation and airport security and efficiency

Census and demographics

Environmental safety, loose hazardous materials, oil spills

Federally subsidized lending

Federal stimulus packages and their use

Health costs, insurance enrollment, comparative availability

Health and salient issues: AIDS, cancer, vaccinations, food and drug safety, veterans’ physical and mental health
              National Center for Veterans Analysis 


Military and contractors

Reading economic indicators and mining company news

Commercial Real Estate
Find property value, investment in improvements, last assessment, most recent sale, square footage, deeds and other document images, values of comparable properties

Company news
Find publicly traded companies’ competitive strategies, operational structure, spending, stock repurchases, revenue, future plans, executive compensation, mergers and acquisitions, litigation, and investment risk disclosures


Consumer confidence
Read releases of the consumer confidence index, find other economic indicators

Labor and unemployment
Find changes in overall employment rates, changes across and within categories, consequences for consumer spending

Residential real estate
Find housing starts, new home sales, mortgage lending, real estate market, and statistics on home ownership


Track emerging conversations
Find what’s trending, map social conversations around major events

Analyze connections and influence
Analyze a Twitter profile, quantify someone’s social media following and reach

Search old tweets
Locate specific tweets without a hashtag

Location-based analysis and UGC
Track a social conversation in any specific area, monitor reaction to an event, identify areas hardest hit by disaster or power outage

Find out what someone’s about
Map someone’s social life, differentiate people with common names, check a politician’s leisure spending and whereabouts, identify major themes in social media usage


Company news, using SEC filings
By Chris Roush for the Donald W. Reynolds Center for Business Journalism at ASU

Education, using the College Scorecard

By the Donald W. Reynolds Center for Business Journalism at ASU

Women-owned businesses, using Census data

By Eddie Keller for the Donald W. Reynolds Center for Business Journalism at ASU

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